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The complete fleet vehicle key storage and dispatch management solution.

Admin Business Solutions (ABS) appreciates that the storage of vehicle access keys can be an expensive component of fleet services; key storage requires not only the potential for multiple large storage premises, but also a team of experienced administrators to manage the records and logistics associated with key management dispatch. As a result, ABS offer a complete end-to-end key management service to minimise the costs associated with key storage and administration.

ABS are accredited with UKAS ISO : 27001 which regulates the standard of information security at ABS; having this prestigious accreditation confirms that ABS security implementations are regulated and compliant in respect to government standards. ABS secure premises utilise fire suppressed Kardex units and fire-retardant safes to store fleet keys, and are monitored 24-7 by sophisticated security systems.

Onsite key storage

ABS are equipped with the facilities necessary to easily take on fleet spare-key storage, management and distribution for fleets of all sizes, housing specialist fire suppressed Kardex units within secure and monitored premises.

Efficient distribution

ABS’ key distribution service dispatches client assets in accordance with service level agreements to ensure compliance with operational requirements; ABS’ dispatch service ensures timeliness via a dedicated courier service and personalised notifications.

Minimise expenses

ABS’ fleet key management service enables fleets to easily minimise the costs associated with onsite storage. The need for fleets to purchase additional storage space and secure equipment is averted via utilising ABS’ existing secure premises and storage facilities.

Safeguard fleet assets

ABS’ secure storage facilities are monitored at all times and are safeguarded by sophisticated security systems. ABS utilise a range of fire suppressed safes and high-specification Kardex units to ensure protection of fleet assets against natural damage.

Additional fleet storage solutions

ABS provide a number of bespoke storage solutions for fleets; clients wishing to outsource the management of fleet keys and other vehicle assets often further consider the storage and management of fleet records, more can be found about ABS' specialist fleet records management services at: Fleet Document Management

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