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The complete end-to-end outsourced fleet fines management service, for fleets of all sectors and sizes.

ABS’ fines management service is a complete fines management solution orientated to eliminate the administrative burden and resource demand posed by the fines management process. ABS provide full fines management outsource, utilising in-house specialist administrators to transparently manage, and perform all involved administrative processes. ABS’ experienced team are equipped to support the administration department of any sized fleet and adapt outsource solutions to the bespoke needs of any prospective client.

ABS’ end-to-end fines management outsource solution is supported by a bespoke in-house fleet fines management system. ABS’ system has offered clients market-leading automation for several years and has been continually developed in conjunction with technological advancements, fleet demands and ABS’ accumulated knowledge base. Furthermore ABS offer a wealth of industry experience and additional services to support clients in actions optimised to minimise accumulated fines, penalties and escalations.

Maximise efficiencies

ABS’ service revolutionises fleet fines processing efficiency, streamlining the process to enable clients to realise a guaranteed service level agreement of 24 hours via instantaneous automated processing, communications, and reporting for all parties involved.

Minimise expenses

ABS’ solution enables for immediate cost savings; ABS’ system automation aids in eliminating human error and manual input man-hour expenses. Furthermore ABS’ paperless fines module eliminates postal and stationery expenses for all parties involved.

Focus on growth

ABS' specialist team of fleet fines administrators provide clients with the time and tools necessary to maximise fleet potential; aiding fleets of all sizes in streamlining their fleet fines administration department and supporting all customer queries.

Aid the environment

ABS’ corporate social responsibility initiative has influenced environmentally friendly development; eliminating postal and stationery demand has enabled clients to engage in reducing the industry’s negative impact on the environment.

Paperless fines management

ABS’ online fleet fines management system incorporates paperless processing functionality; this cutting-edge development brings together ABS’ specialist fleet administrators, fines issuing authorities and fleet customers, in a process never-before seen by the fleet and automotive industry. ABS’ paperless fines management process welcomes fleet fines administration into a new era of processing efficiency; eliminating the timely, expensive and human-error prone elements associated with manual fines processing in an online platform providing complete and transparent financial control at all times.

Fleet administrators

ABS’ paperless fines management module encourages fleets to submit nominated recipients for accrued fines, alongside their chosen terms and method of payment.

Issuing authorities

Issuing authorities are provided with access to fleets' driver data, enabling reconciliation of offence records to identify offenders and issue fleet fines for swift reconciliation and payment.

Nominated recipients

Upon receipt of issued fines nominated recipients are able to action immediate payment to the issuing authority via ABS’ online fleet fines management platform.

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