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The preferred fleet administration outsource provider of the UK's most elite car leasing and car manufacturing companies; optimising operations, minimising costs and facilitating growth.

Company background

Admin Business Solutions otherwise known as ABS has been providing business process outsource services for the fleet and automotive industry since 1998 and has grown to become a leading fleet administration outsource provider, with clients comprising some of the most elite vehicle leasing and manufacturing companies in the United Kingdom.

With decades of experience, ABS has developed a unique approach to fleet business process outsourcing enabling our clients to access an extensive range of administrative services alongside tailor made processes to suit their specific needs and requirements. ABS appreciate that every fleet is unique and are enthusiastic to adapt services to compliment the individual characteristics of client operations.

ABS has developed an extensive range of fleet outsource solutions, encompassing administrative services, fleet safety solutions and bespoke fleet software. ABS' broad catalogue of services enable clients the opportunity to outsource all fleet management processes to a single supplier; subsequently affording transparency, ease of management, consistency and accuracy. ABS' team of expert fleet management specialists bring an unparalleled energy and enthusiasm to clients; with ABS, fleets reach their full potential.

Meet the team

Mark Varden

Managing Director

Jayne Varden

Operations Director

Helen Varden

Company Secretary

Ben Cosnett

Business Development Manager

Core Values

ABS was founded with the key objective of providing complete solutions to the administrative burdens of companies operating within the fleet and automotive industry; this motive is reflected throughout all of ABS' products and services and within ABS' mission statement: To deliver the finest service and product experience to clients and their customers.

ABS operates with a keen focus on several client first initiatives; ABS train employees to exacting standards to ensure that clients experience the highest standards of service. ABS guarantees focus on efficiency, flexibility, transparency and reliability hence our proven ability to perform all progressive and bespoke services thoroughly, accurately and consistently.

Formed in 1998, ABS set out to provide fleet departments with a fully outsourced administration service and swiftly became one of the UK's leading fleet outsource providers.

Where to find us

ABS' headquarters is based in Earlswood, Solihull and is equipped with a modern and comfortable meetings centre which is open to prospective and existing clients throughout the year. ABS' headquarters is easy to get to, being close to both Earlswood and Wythall train stations and easily accessible via the M42.

ABS has multiple secure and monitored premises where outsourced fleet processes are performed. ABS' sites are equipped with secure servers, Kardex Units, fire retardant safes and security cabinets to ensure the highest standards of security for valued documentation and assets; ABS regularly maintain and update security procedures in accordance with ABS' UKAS ISO : 27001 accreditation.

Professionals that care

ABS highly value the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility and proactively endeavour to ensure that business operations benefit all parties involved, from ABS employees and clients through to ABS' local community and charities that aid the people close to ABS' hearts.

ABS work hard to offer new administrative solutions that aid clients in achieving their social initiative, whether they are aiming to become more environmentally friendly or looking to implement services to safeguard their fleet and employees. ABS aid in the training of young professionals to prepare them for continued success in the fleet and automotive industry and support of ABS clients.

"BEN are delighted to benefit from the generous support of Admin Business Solutions. This relationship enables us to fulfil our mission to support more people in the automotive community through our support services."

- BEN Automotive Charity

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